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At Bailey Roberts Group (BRG), we always believe that every client is unique and possesses distinct requirements and expectations for their investments. Therefore, we customised all client portfolios individually. We do not provide generic portfolios.

Investment Strategies Are Personalised

When it comes to managing investment portfolios, it is essential to be aware that higher returns often come as a result of higher levels of risk. Through our Individual Asset Management Solution known as Individually Managed Portfolios, BRG offers a wide range of customised investment strategies which will be selected based on individual client’s needs and objectives.

At BRG we aim to maximise our client’s lifestyle by:

  • Achieving our client’s individual required return with the least amount of risks;
  • Preserving Capital;
  • Generating cash-flows above inflation;
  • Seeking capital growth over the long-term without taking excessive risks.
personalised investment strategies
personalised investment strategies

No Limited Investment Selections

As a privately-owned financial firm, BRG is not restricted to a narrow list of investments. Our investment philosophy is based on the premise that sustainable investment returns are generated by investing in quality businesses that are purchased at sensible price.

There are two key aspects to our selection processes:

  • to identify businesses that are easy to understand, that have ethical and talented managers and are highly likely to generate superior returns over time, typically due to a competitive advantage or favourable business model; and
  • only purchase shares in that business when the price on offer is below what we are prepared to pay, for example the share are undervalued.

We fundamentally believe there is a difference between price and value. Price is what is paid and value is what is received. While over the long-term price and value tend to converge, in the short-term, price can diverge significantly from value and this presents investors like us with buying opportunities.

Investment Reports On Individual Level

PLUTO – Our 24/7 online system is capable of producing different investment reports on individual level for each client, including valuation summaries, income summaries, cash account summaries, holding reports, taxation information, transaction reports, performance report and financial reports. All reports are generated using the latest daily pricing data and tax calculations. This enables our financial advisors to make more informed and timely investment decisions as well as recommendations for each client.

We understand that every client is different and as such we offer unique solutions to match your specific requirements.

To talk more about your desired return, your acceptable level of risk and how your investment portfolio can be customised individually, please contact us!

Your first appointment with a BRG financial advisor is cost and obligation free.
Your first appointment with a BRG financial advisor is cost and obligation free.