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Bailey Roberts Group (BRG) is a privately owned financial advisory firm, which means we have no affiliation, relationship or financial arrangement of any kind with external financial institutions such as banks or insurance companies. Being privately-owned ensures that our recommendations are based solely on achieving the right outcomes for our clients and ensuring that our clients best interests are put first.

Truly Fee-For-Service-Based Financial Advice

We are strictly fee for service financial advisory firm.  We only charge fees for the services we provide. This model means that there are no nasty surprises or unexplained costs. All fees are clearly outlined and explained, in writing.  Clients are also required to sign an authority, prior to any service being provided, ensuring that they understand the service or work being undertaken and any fees associated with the service.

In-House Experts

As a privately-owned financial advisory firm, we employ a team of experts in various fields to ensure all bases are covered when it comes to a client’s financial situation.  Whilst clients will develop a relationship with a dedicated Advisor who co-ordinates their overall requirements and advice, our approach is to utilise the strengths of each team member to ensure we satisfy the needs of our clients. BRG’s team includes skilled in-house Investment Analysts, Superannuation Specialists, Accountants and Technical Experts who all assist our Financial Advisors. There is no need for your personal or financial information to leave our office other than at your authority.

At BRG we use technological systems & applications developed by our own in-house team of IT experts.  The strong collaboration of our experienced financial advisors and committed ancillary staff ensure that our systems are constantly being reviewed, updated and improved to maintain the highest level of competence.  At Bailey Roberts, we believe that the right information accessed at the right time is the key to making accurate decisions.

At Bailey Roberts Group (BRG), we do not recommend investments in order to meet “sale targets”.  As an non-aligned firm, we only recommend stocks that pass our strict investment selection criteria.

Your first appointment with a BRG financial advisor is cost and obligation free.
Your first appointment with a BRG financial advisor is cost and obligation free.