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The 1987 Market Crash Led To A New Journey

Thirty years ago, Ian Bailey the current CEO of Bailey Roberts Group (BRG) experienced with the rest of the world the largest collapse in financial markets since the 1929 ‘crash’. He, like most of the advice industry used Managed Funds to efficiently invest in the different stocks and properties available on the market. However, the 1987 calamity gave Ian an unanticipated chance to reassess and find solutions to prevent his client base from suffering further bruising from the markets. Hard yet valuable lessons were learned, particularly regarding the shortcomings of Managed Funds, among which are the following.

  • There is no control over tax outcomes.
  • Income tax is not known until after the financial year end.
  • There is no easy way for investors to know what assets were in the trust.
  • Clients do not have direct ownership of the trust assets.
BRG story
BRG story
BRG Individual Asset Management Solution

Our Uniqueness – Individual Asset Management Solution

The 1987 market crash became the start of Ian’s new journey with Bailey Roberts Group. Immediately, he began to develop a direct investment methodology now known as Individually Managed Portfolios, a better way to manage clients’ assets. BRG’s specifications for our clients are as follows:

  • Client will own the investment in their own right.
  • Tax will be minimised.
  • Client’s investments will be purchased and sold in line with the client’s specific Individually Managed Portfolio requirements, not sold using herd mentality.
  • Client should be able to see what they are invested in.
  • Proper accounting standards are used to reconcile client’s investments and their portfolio. BRG uses double entry accounting.
  • Information will enable easier and quicker accounting of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.
BRG Individual Asset Management Solution

BRG’s experienced financial advisors are the responsible guardians of our clients’ assets. Portfolios are constructed exclusively, acknowledging that every client has specific requirements and expectations for their investments.

For further information on constructing the Individual Managed Portfolio that best suits your personal requisites, please contact one of our qualified financial advisors.

Your first appointment with a BRG financial advisor is cost and obligation free.
Your first appointment with a BRG financial advisor is cost and obligation free.