What is the Bailey Roberts Group Difference?

BRG assists investors in determining the style of portfolio required to meet their lifestyle objectives. Our process involves the determination of asset allocation followed by recommendations for direct assets such as shares, listed property or fixed interest. Our investment recommendations are based on thorough research which is available to investment clients online at all times.

Our investment philosophy is to:

“Achieve the investor’s required return for the lowest amount of risk”.

One of the key issues in direct investing is the provision of accurate information.

Information is the key to controlling issues such as tax, cash flow, reporting, auditing and good decision making. BRG remains instrumental in the design and production of market leading portfolio administration software.

Our portfolio administration solutions provide the following key benefits:-

  • All assets are held directly (no custodians or trustees used)
  • All assets can be accounted for; including unit trusts and direct property (investors get the full picture).
  • Double entry accounting, data can be transferred to other accounting packages saving time and expense.
  • Optimised for strategic management of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s)
  • Multiple portfolios accounted for (A Unified Managed Account)