An Individually Managed Portfolio (IMP) gives control over investments, portfolio risk, fees and many more vital features.

Having control allows investors to effectively maximise and maintain wealth, a function that can only truly be achieved by investing directly.

YOUR IMP is created by your adviser and is a tailored portfolio of direct investments (e.g. shares, real estate, fixed interest and cash) which is then individually managed by a team of professionals.

  • Individually Tailored Portfolios
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Control of Tax Outcomes
  • No Unintended Tax Consequences
  • Flexibility
  • Greater Liquidity


your imp


We have developed our own investment philosophy that has been derived from what is widely known as value investing.

A company’s share price does not always reflect the underlying value of the business. We will only invest in a business, when its share price is lower than its real value.

Our key focus is on finding great businesses. A good business to us is one in which the customers driving the demand will choose their product/service over a competitors or close substitute. This will occur because there is a superior differentiation in the product/service or it is a cheaper alternative, that is, the company is said to have a competitive advantage. This, however, is not enough. For a business to be great it needs to survive well into the future. It is not enough that it will be around for a short time, it needs to be around in 5, 10, 20+ years from now. Therefore the competitive advantage needs to be durable, with this concept of sustainability the real key in a business model.

The business then requires the operational efficiency to be able to deliver the business’ goods and services to the market in a profitable way.

We have a detailed methodology of analysing businesses that has been refined over a 20 year plus period. The purpose of this process is to truly understand the fundamental drivers and risks of the business to ultimately allow an informed decision to be made regarding whether to become owners in that business or not.

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