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As a well established and privately-owned financial advisory firm, Bailey Roberts Group (BRG) has developed a direct investment methodology known as Individually Managed Portfolios (IMP), which is supported by an exclusive 24/7 online reporting and recording database.

For over 15 years, our methods have provided well researched proven solution for managing investor funds to the advantage of our clients. How is this done?

No Ready-Made Portfolios

Model investment portfolios are available for references. However, each and every investment portfolio will be constructed and managed individually to match with the independent financial situation, investment objectives and risk tolerance of each client. As a result, client investments are purchased and sold in line with a client’s personal requirements and expectations.

Transparent investment portfolio

100% Control Over All Assets

Transparent investment portfolio

Clients own the investments in their own right. When selecting to invest via BRG’s Individually Managed Portfolios solution, you will be provided with added security knowing that you own your investments directly and in your own name or in the name of the entity that you chose to invest under. Over the years, we have found that many people come to us believing that they own their previously held investments directly only to find out that they were under a beneficial ownership arrangement. The differences are below:

  • Beneficial Ownership

  • When holding investment through beneficial ownership, an investor’s money will be held in trust which is accounted and administrated, at some cost, by a third party called trustee.

  • Consequently, investors cede control to the trustee who then determines to whom and in what proportion of income/assets of the trust are distributed.

  • As a third party, the trustee may be influenced by conflicts of interest and may might make decisions based on their own preferences.

  • Direct Ownership

  • You own all of the investments in your portfolio, in your own name, and enjoy owner benefits such as franking credits, withholding tax discounts and capital gains discounts.

  • BRG guarantees that our clients will have 100% control over their assets, this is evidenced by:

    • No sign up to third-party operators
    • Bank account is in investor’s name
    • Contract notes of the sale and buy of specific assets are provided

Keep Updated On How Your Money Is Invested 24/7

individually managed portfolio - 24/7 investment tracking

BRG provides a secure 24/7 online tracking and monitoring system called PLUTO, which enables investors to see where they are invested and obtain real-time reports including CGT information, taxation information, income summaries, cash account summaries and transaction reports, holding reports, valuation reports and performance reports.

All reports are published using the daily pricing data and tax calculations so that investors are able to make more informed and timely investment decisions.

individually managed portfolio - 24/7 investment tracking
individually managed portfolios - tax efficiency

Tax-Efficient Solution

individually managed portfolios - tax efficiency

As every client’s portfolio is managed individually, tax only relates to their own income, expenses, profits and losses. As such, a client avoids paying tax on other people’s gains.

The tax effect on the portfolio of each sale is calculated when it occurs, rather than calculating tax at the end of the financial year. Consequently, the tax position of a client’s portfolio is constantly being updated. Therefore, a client is empowered of make time critical adjustments to maximise gains or minimise losses, depending on their current situation.

Tax calculations and reporting for all entities, including capital gains, foreign and domestic income are available 24/7 online.


individually managed portfolios - SMSFs

While price data, shared trades, dividend payments and cash account transactions are automatically updated,  BRG’s exceptional systems allow investors to track all financial aspects of their portfolios. Such information should enable easier and quicker accounting of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.

individually managed portfolios - SMSFs

In actively managing each portfolio individually, BRG works towards eliminating the under-performing shares that impact on the potential performance of a client’s overall portfolio return.

To discuss further on our Individually Managed Portfolios solution or  how your money can be managed for your own interests, please contact one of our experienced financial advisors!

Your first appointment with a BRG financial advisor is cost and obligation free.
Your first appointment with a BRG financial advisor is cost and obligation free.